Your Land

Keeping Your Woodlands Healthy

Learn about the various aspects that go in to maintaining your woodlands and what you can do to start your management plan.

  • Financial

  • Protect From Fire

  • Natural Hazards

  • Wildlife

  • Growing Your Woods


Turn Your Woods into a Financial Investment

Educate yourself on the financial resources available to help landowners produce healthy woods.

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Key Resources

Tax Treatment of Timber

(National Timber Tax Website)


Forest Taxation

(US Forest Service)


Tax Policy and Forestry

(American Forest Foundation)


    Protect from Fire

Reduce the Chance of a Wildfire

Take steps to reduce the chance of a wildfire by learning about prescribed fires and other wildfire prevention techniques.

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Key Resources 

Outdoor Burning: Information, Regulations, And Assistance

(South Carolina Forestry Commission)


Information About Wildfires

(South Carolina Forestry Commission)


Wildfire Risk Reduction in the Wildland-Urban Interface

(South Carolina Forestry Commission)

    Natural Hazards

Preparing for Undesirable Natural Events

Natural disasters, invasive species, and insect and disease infestations can be detrimental to the health of a forest. Learn how to protect your woods from natural hazards that are common in your area.

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Key Resources

Invasive Species

(Clemson University)


Harmful Insects and Diseases in South Carolina

(South Carolina Forestry Commission)


Managing Forests Against Insect Infestation

(American Forests)


Manage Habitat to See More Native Wildlife

Learn to manage wildlife habitat to improve native wildlife populations and control damage from noxious wildlife.

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Key Resources

Managing Wildlife

(National Wild Turkey Federation)


Southern Wildlife at Risk: Family Forest Owners Offer a Solution

(American Forest Foundation)


Family Forests Provide Wildlife Habitat

(American Forest Foundation)

    Growing Your Woods

Fostering a Healthy Woodlands

Woods that have been properly harvested and replanted grow back faster and produce higher quality trees.

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Key Resources

A Landowner’s Guide to forestry in South Carolina 

(Sustainable Forestry Initiative/Forestry Association of South Carolina)


Forestry Workshops and Information

(Forestry Association of South Carolina)


What do you want to do with your land?

(American Forest Foundation)